Lofts Lake has recently moved to new management.

Andy, who is now managing Lofts Lake, comes with many years of fishery management experience. He was previously a bailiff on top UK syndicate waters and owned 3 lakes for many years.

Lofts Lake is going to have huge investment over the next few years including otter fence, new stock of fish from 3 strains, swims redone, aeration system and all nets/mats/slings provided.

Fish Stock

There are approximately 60 fish in the lake currently. There are approximately 80 going in this spring and a further 70 secured for November. The weight of stocked fish range from 14lb-18lb but will be 20’s by Autumn. The original 60 fish are a majority of 20’s with a few 30’s. There may be some originals left from the fish kill 2 years ago and may hold some surprises this year.

The syndicate will start off with 50 paying members but Andy’s not promising it will stay at that number. If Lofts Lake is fished regularly and bait is going in it will stay at 50. If its quiet Andy will put new members on until there are a few people fishing it most days. Simply, Andy wants to grow big fish and requires regular bait going in around the lake.

“You guys will want big fish in a few years and if I don’t get fishermen putting bait in, the fish stay where they are and no one is happy. I am being honest and up front, my aim is to grow 40’s and 50’s over the coming years. I have been here before and I had to take on more members not to be a greedy fishery owner but because I want to grow big fish and then drop the membership down to 50 because it gets busier as the fish get bigger.”

The price is set at £460 the first year there are quite a few rules that every member has to sign up to and agree before joining but only sensible rules that will be benefit all members.


Basic rules will be 3 rods, 72 hour rule each week, no bait boats, no nuts, no leaders, no nets/slings/mats brought onto site, no sacking fish, booking on system to see who is fishing at any time. Family non fishing guest membership £25 a year and each member can take two guests per year at £30 per 24 hours. Each potential member to meet management on site for a walk round before joining.

The full set of rules is posted below.

If you want to join one of the best looking lakes, in great settings being run professionally and grow big fish please feel free to contact me on




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