Lofts Lake in Maldon, Essex

Lofts Lake – Essex Carp Syndicate

Lofts Lake is a mature gravel pit set in the picturesque countryside of Maldon in Essex. Approximately 25 acres in size and surrounded by a nature reserve, Lofts Lake is one of the most peaceful and tranquil Essex carp syndicates you’re ever likely to fish.

The lake is made up of a number of bays, underwater islands and gullies, with depths ranging from 3ft – 14ft in places. A large island dominates the majority of the lake and is riddled with snags, overhanging trees and other features. Whilst the island is an obvious holding place for the carp, they certainly like to venture out into the larger bays and can be seen jumping, leaping and boshing out at distance.

Fish Stock

The total stock of the lake is unknown. Approximately 200 fast growing carp were introduced in 2012, most of which have grown on and could weigh anything between 20lb – 30lb. There are also a handful of stunning original scaly mirror carp, and some big original common carp weighing in excess of 40lb+. With the correct fishery management in place, we feel it won’t be long until the lake holds several 40lb+ carp.


The security and wellbeing of the syndicate, members and fish stock is something we take very seriously at Lofts Lake. Plans are already underway to install an Otter fence around the perimeter of the lake. The otter fence will protect the fish stocks from predators including otters, mink and foxes and ensure security and longevity of the fishery.

CCTV is also installed at various points around the fishery to ensure safety of our syndicate members, stock and fishery equipment.


  • Secure parking
  • Toilet facilities
  • Takeaway delivery to the gate
  • Bait deals
  • Carp care equipment discounts


There are currently 17 swims at Lofts Lake:

The swims on the lake are named as follows: Pump House, Right Feeder, Left Feeder, Nick’s Swim, Pipes, Car Park, Jetty, Hovercraft, Volcano, Causeway, The House, Right Field, Middle Field, Left Field, The Horseshoe, The Gate.

Map Of Lofts Lake